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We Now Know All Gubernatorial Candidates

Now that the February 25, 2014 filing deadline for candidacy has passed, we know who all is in the Maryland gubernatorial race. According to the Maryland Board of Elections website, these are our gubernatorial hopefuls:

Democratic Candidates
Anthony Brown/Ken Ulman
Doug Gansler/Jolene Ivey
Ralph Jaffe/Freda Jaffe
Heather Mizeur/Delman Coates
Charles U. Smith/Clarence Tucker (no website)
Cindy Walsh/Mary Wingate-Pennacchia

Republican Candidates
David Craig/Jeannie Haddaway
Ron George/Shelley Aloi
Larry Hogan/Boyd Rutherford
Charles Lollar/Ken Timmerman
Brian Vaeth/Duane Davis

Libertarian Candidate
Shawn Quinn/Lorenzo Gaztanaga

I have submitted my three questions to all of these candidates. As of today, only Heather Mizeur and Shawn Quinn have had the courtesy of responding to my questions. I will continue reporting the responses and non-responses I receive from the candidates here on this blog.

Waiting For Answers, and Contact Information for One

Because the candidate websites turned out to be completely useless in trying to figure out where the Maryland gubernatorial candidates stand on the issues I care about, I have
submitted my questions to all candidates. Well, I wanted to submit my questions
to all of them. But it turns out that Republican hopeful Charles Lollar doesn’t
want to be bothered with inquiries. His website does not include a form or an email
address to contact his camp without “joining his team.” So, if anyone has an email address for his folks, please drop me a line!

Republicans Do Better, But Still No Answers

I am a Democrat, but on this one I cannot ignore the facts. I need to give some kudos to the Republican gubernatorial hopefuls. All three declared Republican candidates for governor—David Craig, Ron George, and Charles Lollar—have a section on their websites articulating what their platform and vision for Maryland entails. I know, the bar is very low. But at least these guys cleared it, unlike the pitiful contenders on the Democratic side.

While the Republican candidates are kind enough to tell voters where they want to take us, I was a little surprised that I did not find a single mention on their platform pages about the good governance issues I am advocating for: slates, sample ballots, and redistricting reform. If nothing else, I thought the Republicans would have plans to do something about the gerrymandering that has been so directly aimed at them.