Gansler Reveals Stand on Issues, Nothing on Elections

Doug Gansler, Maryland Attorney General, finally made his entry to the Democratic gubernatorial primary contest official, and now his campaign website seems fully functional. After having been surprised by the Brown and Mizeur campaign sites for their complete lack of information on their issue platforms, I was pleased to see that Gansler actually has a relatively robust “issues” section on his site. Based on the campaign sites, one could consider Gansler’s claim to be the “ideas candidate” justified.

On his website, Gansler details six “good government” proposals. They all revolve around transparency and access to public information. While these are obviously important issues, I hope that our next governor will take a broader view of what “good government” means. Current total dysfunction in Congress cries for non-partisan redistricting reform.  I also hope that our next governor will understand how corrosive Maryland’s system of candidate slates is to our basic democratic values.

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