We Now Know All Gubernatorial Candidates

Now that the February 25, 2014 filing deadline for candidacy has passed, we know who all is in the Maryland gubernatorial race. According to the Maryland Board of Elections website, these are our gubernatorial hopefuls:

Democratic Candidates
Anthony Brown/Ken Ulman
Doug Gansler/Jolene Ivey
Ralph Jaffe/Freda Jaffe
Heather Mizeur/Delman Coates
Charles U. Smith/Clarence Tucker (no website)
Cindy Walsh/Mary Wingate-Pennacchia

Republican Candidates
David Craig/Jeannie Haddaway
Ron George/Shelley Aloi
Larry Hogan/Boyd Rutherford
Charles Lollar/Ken Timmerman
Brian Vaeth/Duane Davis

Libertarian Candidate
Shawn Quinn/Lorenzo Gaztanaga

I have submitted my three questions to all of these candidates. As of today, only Heather Mizeur and Shawn Quinn have had the courtesy of responding to my questions. I will continue reporting the responses and non-responses I receive from the candidates here on this blog.

3 thoughts on “We Now Know All Gubernatorial Candidates

  1. I have an entire website on good governance so you will have plenty to write about my campaign I hope!

    Cindy Walsh
    2522 N Calvert St
    Baltimore, Md 21218

    Hello everyone,

    I will be informal in presenting information and I can simply ask that you look at my postings for issue stances in almost every policy area. You can see I am the most open of candidates and do not follow the party line of pushing only a few issues handed out by the Democratic National Party now controlled by neo-liberals. Remember, 80% of the democratic party is labor and justice ——- we are the democratic base. We are not the left……we are not the few……WE ARE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

    Neo-liberals are corporate pols that work for wealth and profit and never allow policy that places public interests before corporate profit. They are the shareholder pols. The problem with that is that the percentage of Americans truly represented as shareholders is less than 2% and that will disappear as global corporate consolidation will take all US corporations private……goodbye public listings!

    The corporate neo-liberals have completely gained control of the democratic party as most of us assumed the people we elected were working for us. So, all of the leadership in Congress…..both House and Senate are neo-liberals as are the leaders in the Senate. This means they appoint people to committee heads that are neo-liberal making most policy that comes from committee and then vote already leaning right and corporate. This is true as well in Maryland in the Maryland Assembly and especially in Baltimore. Baltimore is so neo-conservative with a completely democratic City Hall that one can see how the democratic party in Maryland needs to be rebuilt. WE CAN DO THIS BUT WE NEED TO STOP ALLOWING A NEO-LIBERAL PARTY MACHINE AND MEDIA OUTLETS CONTROL THE ELECTION PROCESS.

    Cindy Walsh is running as a democrat labor and justice candidate and I am not affiliated with the democratic party machine. Therefor you may have to look for me outside normal political channels. Maybe not! We’ll see!


    As a child of a military contractor, I grew up just as a military family would….moving around the country and living near military bases. I have lived in most areas of the country and have a wide experience with culture and education. Having to move every few years makes you quick to adapt, open to change, and skillful in organizing and growing. In fact, I would say my #1 skill is SYSTEMS ANALYSIS. I am very good at seeing how things work, what is needed to make things work best, and how to implement and oversee things once in place.
    I experienced schooling all over the country and I can tell you that education in America is not as dis-jointed as these education reformers want you to believe. There were differences in rigor….but content in core areas left me able to adapt in most settings. You do notice regional differences in social sciences and civics as that is where democracies allow citizens to cultivate their own beliefs. DEMOCRATIC EDUCATION NEEDS TO RESPECT REGIONAL DIFFERENCES IN HUMANITIES AND LIBERAL ARTS AS WE BRING RIGOR TO ALL SCHOOLS ACROSS THE COUNTRY.

    I have worked from an early age in odd jobs as a child of a middle-class family. I am a Jane of all trades I am told. Gardening is a passion so I have landscaped, built community gardens, helped with my grandparent’s farm. My earliest memory is sitting between my grandfather’s legs on the tractor plowing for planting. Today, I am a resident of Charles Village in Baltimore with a community garden tied with a local elementary school having the good fortune of showing children and parents how vegetables and perennials grow! COMMUNITY GARDENS AND ENVIRONMENT HAVE ALWAYS BEEN TOP ON MY LIST. As a former resident of the North West were being an environmentalist is a given……and a passion….I was a Mountaineer and Trail maintenance volunteer who backpacked for a few weeks in the back-country for vacations. I HAVE A PASSION FOR NATURE AND I AM A TRUE ENVIRONMENTALIST!
    My vocational track in high school and college had me in sciences as biology and medicine took my interest. This may have been influenced by the fact that I have a family of nurses and medical people. I sat in on operations at the local hospital as my mother was employed and able to provide that experience. So, my first advanced degrees were in science and education…..my two passions in policy you will see! I attended university in Virginia in my earlier years and have continued with advanced studies in cities I later lived. HEALTH CARE AND EDUCATION ARE MY VOCATIONS AND I WORK TO KEEP BOTH STRONG PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS. While I found I was unable to handle the duties of practical medicine, I was suited for medical research as the tie with academics worked well with the interest in science and indeed, I have worked from large medical research studies to being an independent academic researcher for university professionals across the country. I have been a high school teacher, a workplace trainer, a community educator, and as you see with my website—–a political educator! SCIENCE AND EDUCATION ARE IN MY BLOOD!

    Since my family was middle-class I depended on grants and financial aid to work through many years of college. I am the one who would not survive in the current policy moves to end public financing of K-college. I worked my way through college as many students do—–AS A TEAMSTER WITH UNITED PARCEL SERVICE. I have been union and I have been management and know both sides of the aisle. One good lesson you learn from UPS—-efficiency and planning for quality service. UPS has the best management training in the country and has the best industrial engineering departments as well. (I SUPPORT A STRONG POST OFFICE SO THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT). Industrial Engineering (IE) is completely missing in Maryland as I ask bus drivers left to ignore all bus schedules because the last study done on routes was 3 decades ago….this is why public transportation in Maryland is dismal. IE fit well with my systems analysis mind-set and this job experience gave me great experiences for all other job duties! Public Transportation is critical in a democracy and I do not want privatization to continue in Maryland.
    When the economic crash of 2008 came I, like so many others had been busy with career and did not know too much of what happened. I knew the crash was coming because the markets were imploding, but I did not know the whys and who done its. Then came the election of Obama that had the progressive democratic voters in tears of happiness only to be immediately squashed with the Obama Administrative appointments…..all the same crony group that brought down the nation. This is what made my turn to CITIZENS OVERSIGHT MARYLAND.COM because I was not going to be left in the dark about the operations behind the scenes. I knew US media had deliberately kept people in the dark about the Reagan-Clinton-Bush-Obama neo-liberal/neo-liberal ONE FOR ALL. It still does not let people know this history and that is deliberate and it is why we keep electing neo-liberals as democrats! So, now my time is divided between helping academics with no money for research in social sciences and liberal arts find data and to this political action group.

    I have been a lifelong social justice activist on all issues of civic liberties and civil rights. For those listening to the neo-liberals who say social democracy didn’t work—-no doubt we need to reform public programs, but the main reason things did not work is the public system was rife with fraud and corruption and much money never makes it to the people needing the help….as with here in Maryland. Rule of Law has been suspended and the public justice system is being dismantled and this should be everyone’s #1 concern as we cannot have a democracy without RULE OF LAW AND EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER LAW AS WRITTEN IN THE US CONSTITUTION

    That is who I am—–I will be an excellent Governor of Maryland!



    The address for donations is:
    P O Box 3550 Baltimore, MD 21214.
    More valuable than campaign donations is simply getting the word out and there is no reason that labor, justice, churches, education institutions would not want to shout discreetly for my campaign rather than for BROWN, GANSLER, AND MIZEUR—–ALL NEO-LIBERALS KILLING LABOR AND JUSTICE. Please stop going with the democratic candidate the polls think will win. Remember, in Maryland polling somehow always goes with who the power wants to win.


    Since I am a public financed candidate I have limitations that I will include below. The first step is gaining SEED money to qualify for matching funds. After reaching this amount….the ticket will receive matching funds and be restricted to small donations only!

    ‘The amount of seed money that must be raised is equal to 10% of the maximum campaign expenditure limit. The expenditure limit equals 30¢ (adjusted annually beginning in 1997 in accordance with the Consumer Price Index) times State Population as of January 1, 2010. Seed money must consist of eligible private contributions. An eligible private contribution can only be made by an individual and may not exceed $250. Accordingly, money from business entities, political action committees, and other organizations or associations may not be counted as seed money. An in-kind contribution from an individual may be counted as seed money’.

    The seed money requirement and expenditure limit for the 2014 Gubernatorial Election is $258,612.42.

    Do you know I can easily collect SEED money quickly if only a little more than 10% of democratic voters acted NOW!!!


    8/29/2010. 1,944,620 are registered as Democrats 915,506 are registered as Republicans

    Summary of Public Campaign Financing Laws Initial Requirements To be eligible to receive public contributions for the Primary Election, the following documentation must be filed at the State Board of Elections (SBE) no later than 9:00 pm on February 25, 2014:

    A Certificate of Candidacy for Governor and Lt. Governor;
    A notice of intent to qualify for public contributions; and
    A certification that the required seed money was raised and received after March 1, 2013 signed by the gubernatorial ticket’s treasurer.

    A candidate who did not receive public funds in the Primary Election may become eligible to receive public funds in the General Election if:

    The candidate’s expenditures in the Primary Election did not exceed the maximum campaign expenditure limit; and
    The candidate files the notice of intent and the certification mentioned above with SBE not later than 5:00 pm on September 15, 2014.

    If they meet the requirements set out above, any gubernatorial candidate and his or her running mate are eligible, to receive public funds, including:

    Principal and other recognized party candidates;
    Candidates not affiliated with a political party; and
    Write-in candidates.

    Seed Money The amount of seed money that must be raised is equal to 10% of the maximum campaign expenditure limit. The seed money requirement and expenditure limit for the 2014 Gubernatorial Election is $258,612.42.

    Seed money must consist of eligible private contributions. An eligible private contribution can only be made by an individual and may not exceed $250[1]. Accordingly, money from business entities, political action committees, and other organizations or associations may not be counted as seed money. An in-kind contribution from an individual may be counted as seed money.

    Receiving the Public Funds

    To receive public contributions, an eligible candidate shall file a request with SBE including the date of the preceding request and the amount of public contributions received thus far.

    SBE will determine whether a candidate is eligible to receive public funding not later than 5 days after either receiving the candidate’s initial request or after SBE determines candidates for the General Election.

    Post Election Requirements

    After the primary election and after the general election a candidate who received public funds must report to SBE (on the required form) the amount of the public funds that were spent and how those funds were spent. This is in addition to filing the Campaign Finance Reports required under Election Law Article § 13-309 of the Code. Within 60 days following the election for which public funds were received, a candidate must return to the Comptroller any unspent portion of the funds (private contributions being presumed to be spent first).

    Maximum Campaign Expenditure Limit

    A candidate who receives public funds may not exceed the expenditure limit. The expenditure limit is calculated as follows:

    30¢ x State Population = Expenditure Limit

    The State Population is determined as of January 1, 2014, and the 30¢ amount is adjusted annually beginning in 1997 in accordance with the Consumer Price Index. According to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Division of Health Statistics, the State population as of January 1, 2014 was 5,884,563. The adjusted value of 30¢ in accordance with the Consumer Price Index was $0.439476.

    $0.439476 x 5,884,563 = $2,586,124.21

    Expenditures made on behalf of a candidate by a State or local party central committee are not subject to the expenditure limit.

    However, the following expenditures do count towards the candidate’s expenditure limit:

    An expenditure by a political committee that is coordinated with the candidate, an agent of the candidate, or an authorized committee of the candidate;
    An expenditure by a slate of which the candidate is a member (the amount attributed to the candidate is the amount of the expenditure divided by the number of members of the slate); and
    An in-kind contribution of $51.00 or more made to the candidate’s campaign.

    How the Money Will Be Disbursed It is the responsibility of SBE to order the disbursement of the public funds. Generally, the amount disbursed is as follows:

    Primary Election Candidates with opposition $1 in public funds for every $1 in eligible private contributions Candidate without opposition $1 in public funds for every $3 in eligible private contributions

    General Election Candidates with opposition Equal shares of the remainder of the fund (including unspent money from the primary) Candidate without opposition No funds will be provided. However, the actual amount disbursed is dependent on the amount of money in the fund and the number of eligible candidates. If SBE determines that there is not enough money in the Fund to provide a full disbursement to all eligible candidates, SBE is required to allocate the available money so that each eligible candidate will receive a pro rata share of the full disbursement to which the candidate would otherwise be entitled.

    Spending Public Funds The Comptroller will disburse public funds to, and a candidate may spend public funds only from a single campaign fund account established by that candidate.

    A candidate may not spend public funds for:

    Any purpose that violates any law or regulation of the State;
    Any expense incurred later than 30 days after the election; or
    Any real or personal property that will be retained more than 30 days after the election.

    Liability and Penalties The gubernatorial ticket candidates, and any chairman or treasurer associated with an expenditure that exceeds the maximum campaign expenditure limit are jointly and severally liable, both civilly and criminally, for that violation. For a criminal conviction, a fine of up to $5,000, imprisonment for up to one year, or both, may be imposed.

    The Gubernatorial ticket candidates, the chairman and treasurer are also jointly and severally liable personally to repay any failure to refund unspent public funds or any amount spent improperly.

    Fair Campaign Financing Fund As of January 1, 2014 the Office of the Comptroller reports that the Fair Campaign Financing Fund has $4,924,413.25.

  2. I’m not looking to highjack this blog with my campaign. If you take a moment to view my website you will see that come November your choice will be same the old government or me. I am just average Joe who like most of you works hard all week just to pay taxes and bills. I don’t get to campaign on the peoples dime and I will always give you an honest answer (even when you don’t like the answer I have). Only one Democrat and one Republican candidate will get to run against me in November. In June registered republicans and democrats will pick from a list of candidates that the two party agenda has proved them. This is to give you a feeling of choice. Of course this is no different then a card shark dealing from the bottom of the deck. Of course some of these candidates are less evil then others but they are all hand picked by the agenda. Come November the power is 100% in the hands of the people. You already know what the agenda will give you. Taxes, less education and less freedom. I plan on changing that. Please use your power wisely.

  3. There is only one candidate for Governor until June 2014. That candidate is Shawn Quinn. We know from the filing dead line that this will be a three way race in November. All other candidates that wish to be governor are running for a party nomination. That means they must convince the everyday people to pick them from a list provided by the two party agenda. The look of choice without really having a choice. I look forward to seeing where the special interest money falls and if the agenda’s con goes the way they want. (Brown and Hogan). Only registered republicans and democrats can make this choice. A nice thing to remember is come November you don’t have to vote party lines. You the registered voter can push any button you choose. If your not happy with your Government register and chance it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have no voice and can’t make a difference. I’m putting my money on you the people.

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