I Won’t Endorse in District 9 BOE Race

Even though I will follow the Prince George’s County District 9 Board of Education race closely, I will not be endorsing any of the candidates in the contest. I have two reasons for this:

First, there really is no point in endorsing anyone when it won’t make any difference regarding the outcome of the election. Whoever the incumbent politicians endorse will win the election, so why waste my energy or resources on behalf of any of the candidates?

The second reason for me not to endorse anyone is the fact that I am an active PTA person in my child’s school, and I feel that we PTA leaders should think long and hard before getting openly involved in races like this. It is my experience that, as people start taking sides in local elections, things can get heated and ugly very quickly. I want to avoid such a situation in the interest of our local PTA.

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