Libertarian Quinn Responds to Candidate Questions

Once the filing deadline passed and we knew all gubernatorial candidates, I contacted all candidates to request responses to my three questions. Libertarian candidate Shawn Quinn responded immediately, but I didn’t get around to posting his responses (in red) until now:

  1. If elected, will you actively work to outlaw candidate slates? – I would work to outlaw ALL endorsements of any candidate running for office in Maryland. I don’t have a problem with a party listing their candidates and what they are running for on a single publication.
  2. If elected, will you actively work to outlaw “sample ballots” used by candidate slates as political advertisements? – I would work to reduce the amount of money that can be spent on all campaigns in Maryland. Millions of dollars are wasted by the two party agenda in order to buy an election.  I think sample ballots should list all candidates running for office in the same font, boldness and type set. There should be nothing that draws attention to anyone’s name.
  3. If elected, will you actively work to establish an independent, nonpartisan system for drawing legislative and congressional districts? – Yes, and Yes and Yes again. Gerrymandering is the worst abuse a free election has. Again this is a system that the two party agenda uses to simply win at the cost of what’s best for our citizens.

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