About Me

I am a community activist living in Accokeek, Maryland. I am a proud Democrat. But, for our democracy to work well, I believe good governance to be much more important than blind party loyalty.

Thanks for reading. You can reach me at tommi at realelectionsmd.com.

Tommi Makila

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Tommie Makila,

    This is Cindy Walsh for Governor of Maryland. I answered your questions and I see myself as a commenter and not as a fellow candidate responder with Heather Mizeur. Being the first to answer a question should not provide exclusivity.

    Thanks for providing a sight for election information.

    Cindy Walsh

  2. Thank you providing answers, Ms. Walsh. My apologies for not responding earlier and not making a post about it. For some reason I haven’t been getting email notifications about blog comments. I will post your responses shortly.

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